Beeb’s decision to target Desmond likely to backfire

The Paradise Papers release has confirmed what most normal, working class residents of the UK guessed after revelations of rich individuals and corporations using tax avoidance schemes in order to boost their wealth.

We can all agree it’s bad practice and loopholes are commonplace but if it’s not against the law and you can save yourself a few quid then why not expose the flaws in the system.

It’s sensationalist stuff, some huge names have been smeared by the scandal but it’s neither new nor unexpected.

The UK’s Queen, some of Trump’s trusted allies, Lewis Hamilton and Mad Vladimir Putin’s son in law are all figures who’ve been caught out by the investigation by the ICIJ (International Consortium of Investigative Journalists.)

And Dermot Desmond is named as another…

Now, obviously there’s been a furore over the documents but BBC Scotland’s headlining in regards the Irishman was controversial in the extreme and their tabloid journalism circumventing Celtic’s majority shareholder is belittling to the nation’s broadcaster.

I’m no Celtic supporter but if the Beeb believe this to be genuine headline news then Editorial staff should be dismissed forthwith.

The shameful harassment of Desmond en route to Parkhead by Mark Daly, the Corporation’s go to “Investigative” journalist north of the border, was something akin to hamesuken and his questioning disrespectful.

Both Glasgow outfits support have an inherent distrust of the Scottish Mainstream Media and as such the lickspittle in print or media is often derided as anti Celtic or anti Rangers when fans of every other club see all publications as subservient to both.

On this occasion it’s easy to see why fans of the Hoops are up in arms over the BBC coverage of this matter and see it as a slight against their club whilst rivals Rangers receive preferential reporting despite boycotting Ibrox after some home truths by Chris McLaughlin left the Govan side up in arms, banning the journalist in the process; a decision not well received at Pacific Quay.

They rightly point out Alistair Lamont’s apparent cull by the broadcaster when, after a first day spent at ‘Gers chairman Dave King’s Takeover Panel hearing, he was ordered not to return for the more newsworthy day 2.

Another source of irritation follows Friday’s release of yet another loss making set of accounts by the Light Blues which warrant headline news with accompanying information claiming ‘Gers need £4 million to keep their head above water this season.

This sum is apparently coming from a “penniless” chairman who’s maybe or maybe not in charge of a Trust Fund.

Since the Ibrox side were liquidated they’ve had 5 years of living outwith their means with no reproach from the governing body or a compliant media. That’s the real scandal of Scottish football: not what a middle aged Irishman was up to 5 years ago with his business and certainly something truly worth investigating.

BBC Scotland had a cut and paste statement from the Rangers website as their only article on a story which interests, fascinates and disgusts fans countrywide. No questions asked or more likely Jim Traynor, the Ibrox PR man, has instructed the succulent lambs to silence.

In the short term the BBC have scored a huge own goal. Football fans have long memories and having received threats from Rangers fans in the past for telling the truth, antagonising the biggest club in the land’s fanbase was a massive mistake.

They will receive a backlash and if they’re fortunate enough to escape a ban from Celtic Park they may find their reporters won’t receive a particularly warm welcome by those behind the scenes.

If and when Desmond has his day in court it’ll be interesting to see if the beeb send anyone to cover it… and if they’ll be allowed to do so for more than a day.



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